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Providing Yorkshire Terriers

and AKC registered Welsh Corgis

Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies)

One AKC-registered puppy is available from a litter born September 20th.

He is a male...


One of our sires is Buster (below).

For info on Yorkies as a breed, click here.

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Puppies enjoying their new families...




Thanks for the positive feedback! It's great when puppies end up in such wonderful homes.

I just wanted you to know that "Ellie-Bear" is doing Awesome! She is the center of our universe, literally and in every sense of the word. We now kind of wish we had picked out a little brother or sister for her at the time! She was fixed within the first six months and is completely socialized with other dogs (we took her to puppy classes for a long time). She loves the dog park, gets walked every day and makes best friends with the big boys.
Thank you so much for letting us have her!

"Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Izzy, she is so much fun and thinks she can do anything :) She loves our other dog Buddy and the cat Ace."

"Roxie is doing so great...She is doing wonderful with potty training, she goes and sits by the front door. Yesterday she learned how to jump up on the couch. She is very smart and has a wonderful and sweet temperament. She even tolerates dresses and sweaters. She is so darn cute... You have done a great job with her."

"The nieces and nephews LOVED her! My youngest niece asked me what her name was. I told her she didn't have one yet. So she stood there for a minute and said 'Zoey', and the name stuck. she has some of the funniest, quirky-ist personalities, and I love it. She is also very, very loyal. I took her over to my brother's house and we introduced her to their spastic and lovable pitbull & 2 cats. All of them played wonderfully together!"

"Oh - thank you so much. Roxie is adjusting very well. She went potty twice on the piddle pad and ate her dinner and drank her water. She sat in her Kennel by herself for about an hour with door open and she has already taken over her bed. She has a very sweet disposition and we already love her lots."

"...He has been an absolute angel all day long. What a sweetie! We FINALLY got to hear his little voice around 7pm tonight. We were playing fetch with him and he heard something and  barked a cute little bark about 3 times and that's it! He's sleeping right now. He loves his new bed and climbs in it often. He's been eating well and basically just loves to hang out with us. He takes lots of naps, but when he's awake, he's a lot of fun!..."

"...my husband is very popular with her. She likes licking his ears for some reason and very willing to give him kisses. She’s also starting to learn how to say ‘pick me up please’ and raise up her body to make it easier to scoop her. We’ll start working on other stuff in this next week, like her name..."

"...I just wanted to say thanks again, Achilles is such a good dog and it is thanks to you for providing him with a good home from the get go! Achilles did exceptionally well on his ride home, he cried a little bit but that's usual for taking one out of their environment. Achilles ate a little last night but not much. His appetite picked up today, and he seems at home now:). He is already a fan with the rest of the family. The family Loves him to pieces..."

For info on Yorkshire Terrier as a breed, click here and scroll down the page.

Call or email us for additional photos or more information on Yorkies or Corgis.

We no longer raise Beagles.

Last modified: 12/05/2013