The First Year   

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We usually make our puppies available to new homes as soon as they are weaned, normally at six weeks. At this point they are separated from their mother, and we want them to begin bonding with their new home as soon as possible. Our experience is that delaying this bonding serves no positive purpose.

The first year of a puppies life is very important. Not only do they grow rapidly and learn behaviors which probably follow them through life, but they require systematic care to help maintain their good health. Health care starts here at the kennel of their birth, but must be maintained by you!

Typically, the health care of a puppy's first year looks like the following:



3 days Dew claws removed
3 weeks First worming
10 days later Second worming
6 weeks Third worming, first vaccination
10 days later Fourth worming
9 weeks Second vaccination
12-13 weeks Adult vaccination
First year Rabies vaccination (see your vet)

This is a workable schedule that we follow. The actual schedule that you use should be developed in consultation with your veterinarian.

We encourage you to visit the AKC site for more information on dog health care and on being a responsible dog owner.

The American Veterinary Health Association has information on dog health. You can also obtain brochures through them.

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Last modified: 12/24/2010.