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Providing Yorkshire Terriers

and AKC registered Welsh Corgis

WelBea Kennels, a small family-operated kennel in Washington State,  raises Yorkshire Terriers and AKC registered Welsh Corgi Pembroke  dogs. We no longer raise beagles. Our breeding program is housed in a modern facility where we strive to breed the healthiest dogs possible. Our small operation is inspected regularly by the AKC. We have two goals - to promote the breeds that we raise, and to provide healthy puppies to loving homes.

If you are considering adopting one of our puppies, we would welcome your visit. Just call or email us (see bottom of page).

These photos show you some of the facility run by our family. Click on the images below for larger pictures.

    Dixie poses with our beagle "Sweet Potato" in front of the kennel's main entrance.

    Rear of the kennel.

Just inside is the office and whelping room. Here also dogs are bathed and vaccinated. Newborn pups are carefully weighed and checked often to help insure that they thrive.


The well-lighted, insulated kennel provides warm shelter for our dogs and also enables us to separate and manage them. From inside their pens, dogs are free to go outside at will.


        Mother "Daisy" eagerly awaits the return of her pup after weighing.

    Outside runs for each pen allow our dogs to play and visit in the fresh air whenever they choose.

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Email address: blpittman@comcast.net
Telephone: 360-736-8061
Last modified:  12/05/2014