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These puppies are loving their new homes!





Thanks for the positive feedback! We never tire of hearing about all the good times in your home!


"It's been a little over three years since we adopted our baby Cheddar from your farm. She has been perfectly healthy and I can't believe how lucky we were to find her. We are so happy with her and we recommend you every time someone is looking for a breeder. We hope that you keep going what you do!"


"Our puppy is doing well.  We named her "Juno," and she seems to be adjusting quite well.  She and our Corgi, "Dallas" are getting along - she likes to bite at his neck fur when they're playing together, it's pretty amusing!  He tolerates it pretty well."


"We just wanted to let you guys know that Fender had his first vet checkup today and he got a clean bill of health. He's very happy and playful, his second ear just went up yesterday so he looks like a corgi now. He's going amazing with the potty training and is even starting to learn to sit. So thank you for our amazingly cute sweet puppy!"


"Tracy took Katie to the vet for her first public appearance and she received many oohs and aahs.  Everyone there including the vet herself thought that Katie is the cutest puppy they’ve ever seen.

The vet declared her to be in perfect health also."

"Rhys is awesome! Only a little crying. Taking to his crate well. No potty accidents! Eating great and taking to new puppy food. Sleeping a lot today. I think we wore him out yesterday with all the activities. He had learned how to maneuver the stairs outside the front door. Doing great learning "sit". Walked on a leash last night beside us! Gets along wonderfully with our 12 year old Aussie Shepherd... who herds him around!"

"We made it home last night around 11pm. Our little boy slept in Katherine's lap the entire ride. We decided to name him Xander. He is a real joy and the best puppy we have ever had. "

"...thank you for Bella. She is doing exceptionally well and we are enjoying her very much. She has made herself right at home. We took her for her first visit to the vet for her 1st puppy check up. All is perfect."

For info on Welsh Corgi as a breed, click here.

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Call or email us for additional photos or more information or Corgis or Yorkies. We no longer raise beagles.

Last modified: 12/05/2014